Carmel Walks Featured in 360West Magazine

Carmel Walks Featured in 360West Magazine

Carmel Chic

Story and Photos By Michael Hiller

Quirky, poetic, timeless, seductive
-Carmel is like an enchanted fairytale village filled with delicious food, magical views and, of course, spectacular golf courses.

You don’t come to Carmel to spend the day in a spa or lounge by the hotel pool. You come to be wowed. You come to hike along its rugged coastline, explore its leafy passageways and stare out at its wave-lashed horizon. Even when it is swaddled in fog and raked by the wind, you’re happy to be here.

Ever since 1602, when Carmelite friars surveyed this Monterey Peninsula hilltop and named it for their order, the tiny town of Carmel­ by-the Sea has tugged on visitors with its natural beauty. In this I-square-mile collision of land and sea, you’ll find a postcard destination that quickens the pulse. It’s a feeling that inspired numerous artists; writers Sinclair Lewis and Jack London, painter Donald Teague and photographer Ansel Adams all found inspiration here. The famed bronze sculptor Steven Whyte, who created the enormous Aggie War Hymn Monument at Texas A&M University, proudly calls the town home.

It’s hard not to fall hard for this sloped village of crooked streets, gnarly tree trunks and tall Monterey pines.With a mostly well-heeled population of about 4,000, Carmel continually primps its good looks and good fortune. It disguises newspaper racks as cedar-roofed boxes, bans neon signs and chain restaurants, and reveres the cypress and eucalyptus trees that shade its streets and sidewalks.

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