Personal Endorsements


  • …the ladies had a wonderful time and marveled at your ability to remember so much information!  They have been singing your praises all week – you are our hero.
    — Carolyn, Black Hawk Women
  • Each woman in the group thought you a wonderful leader, storyteller, and historian.
    — Marilyn
  • “A fascinating and fun-filled look at the village of Carmel, with a guide who knows about special places that you would never find on your own.”
    — Travel Destination Management Co.
  • I never wanted it to end. It was enchanting!
    — Carmel Resident
  • I not only learned all about Carmel, but felt like I was being shown around by a good friend…a very interesting and entertaining afternoon.
    — NY Playwright
  • I’ve been coming to Carmel for years. Thanks for giving me the gift of seeing it for the first time.
    — Professor, Stanford University
  • We always recommend this walking tour to our groups as it adds a rich cultural dimension to their experience.
    — Meeting Planner
  • We recommend anyone visiting Carmel take this tour first — it was helpful in planning the rest of our stay.
    — Anniversary Couple
  • “CARMEL WALKS was the high-point of our trip…we have memories to last a lifetime. Don’t miss it!”
    — Out-of-State Visitors
  • “I’ve been on walking tours all over the world, and this is one of the best!”
    — L.A. Travel Writer

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